Nov 4, 2003
Been Awhile

yes its been awhile...and i've learned many things.

true friends will and can get over it.

fake friends wont and cant get over it.

finally im happy and the world should end. i should drop everything because i want you to.  finally i get the one ive wanted. finally im happy. but no its not good enough. let me go and destroy everything for you is what i get. telling me that he was up on her, her, and her. he doesnt really like you...he told me. he never said that....that was u putting words in his mouth.. then u tried to do some dirty work behind it all. never would a pick a boy over a friend...but it didnt have to go down like dis...ridiculous.

never would i have thought she would do me dirty like dis.

what a sad ending to a good fairy tale.

friends MUST come and go.

its sad to let her go...but i cant deal wit it.


<3 whitney

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Aug 16, 2003

Tryin something new since xanga's been kinda off. 

lemme introduce myself...WHiT BKA WHiTNEY...has now officially joined blogdrive and has decided to MAYBE take a break from that addictive thing we all know as xanga.  it's fixed now but still...its kinda been getting on my nerves.  so i heard about this site on somebodies xanga site so i decided to give a chance.  FIRST IMPRESSIONS?: pretty well...its nice...i cant compare it yet since like 3 minutes ago i just registered so i havent really explored it yet. lord knows if i get addicted to it xanga will be just another weblog in da trash for me.  i went from teenopendiary to xanga now to this.  haha...i just like to write thats all.  i may not be the best writer but i do like to write. but yeah nothing much to talk about now but i will be up here later. 


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hola...mi nombre es whitney. yo tengo quince anos and yo mi cumpleano es deciembre cuarto. haha why am i talking in spanish when thats probably all i know up above. lol

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